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Copy Stand Accessories

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  • Kaiser Book Holder for Copying Books

    Kaiser Book Holder for Copying Books

    Holding device with glass pressure plate for the exact positioning when doing copy work from books, magazines and newspapers. In the photo lab the boo…

    SKU: 205771
  • Copy Stand Floor Table

    Copy Stand Floor Table

    Kaiser Base Stand Converts Kaiser RS1 and RSD camera stands from table to free-standing model. Also for use with all Kaiser base boards from 19.7x17.7…

    SKU: 205508
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  • Slide Copying Kit

    Slide Copying Kit

    Consists of holder and cover for the upturned color head.

    SKU: 205979
  • RA 2 XA Copy Adapter

    RA 2 XA Copy Adapter

    To convert the VP 350 to a copy stand. Horizontally adjustable. 1/4“ camera thread.

    SKU: 205421
  • Table for Copying Works

    Table for Copying Works

    Kaiser Table for Copying Works Sturdy steel tube construction, lower rods with additional track rollers for joining onto the RSP Xtra Copy Stand base.…

    SKU: 205712
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  • Graduated Focusing Rail

    Graduated Focusing Rail

    Kaiser Focusing Stage Extremely flat focusing stage with spindle-adjusted fine drive. Rapid adjustment with single lever lock. Locking screw. Setting …

    SKU: 205531
  • 2CC Dual Mount Camera Arm

    2CC Dual Mount Camera Arm

    Kaiser 2CC Camera Arm Horizontally adjustable platform for mounting a single camera or two cameras, e.g., for comparison shots. Cameras can be mounted…

    SKU: 205540
  • Circular Bubble Level

    Circular Bubble Level

    Circular bubble, self-adhesive. For permanent attachment to cameras, tripods etc. Features three holes for screw attachment. Aluminum housing, black a…

    SKU: 206386
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  • Focusing Stage, 2-Way

    Focusing Stage, 2-Way

    For exact camera positioning for close-up, macrophotography and copying. Two positioning scales are perpendicular to one another. Setting range each 9…

    SKU: 205534
  • Kaiser Book Holder

    Kaiser Book Holder

    Basic holding tool for opened books of various sizes up to 17.3 x 16.1 inches. Foam supports help take stress off of book or magazine spine. Heavy gla…

    SKU: 205904
  • 2-Way Bubble Level

    2-Way Bubble Level

    Spirit Level - One level each for vertical and horizontal shooting position. With mounting shoe and 1/4” tripod bush. Dimensions: approx. 20 x 25 x 35…

    SKU: 206385
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