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Shooting Tables

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  • "TopTable" Base Stand

    "TopTable" Base Stand

    Kaiser TopTable Base Stand - Allows for use of different types of lighting set-ups or larger light troughs underneath Small Product Table (205931).

    SKU: 205935
  • "TopTable" Add-on Product Table

    "TopTable" Add-on Product Table

    Kaiser "TopTable" Add-On Table Product table with clear acrylic plate to be set on the Small Product Table (205931) or to be used separately.

    SKU: 205932
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  • Background Carrier

    Kaiser Background Carrier is mounted on the Basic Support 5921. Permits space-saving bearing of a background roll. Especially suited in combinationw…

    SKU: 205923
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  • "TopTable PRO" Wooden Base Plate

    "TopTable PRO" Wooden Base Plate

    Can be mounted on the Basic Support 5921 (with or without Acrylic-Glass Plate 5924 attached). The matt grey laminated wooden plate is used in conjunct…

    SKU: 205925
  • "TopTable PRO" Metal Holding Frame

    "TopTable PRO" Metal Holding Frame

    Kaiser ""TopTable PRO" Basic Support Strong square tube frame fitted with height-adjustable feet on the front and lockable castors on the back. Mounti…

    SKU: 205921
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  • Kaiser "TopTable" Set

    Kaiser "TopTable" Set

    Kaiser "TopTable" Set Three-piece set made up of components of the Kaiser “TopTable“ small product table system: Basic table with transparent acrylic …

    SKU: 205930
  • Table-Top-Studio Digital SN-HF plus

    Table-Top-Studio Digital SN-HF plus

    Kaiser Table-Top-Studio digital SN-HF plus Complete desktop studio consisting of Small Product Table (205931) and RB 218N Lighting Unit (205464). Prod…

    SKU: 205994
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  • Diffused Sweep, Small Shooting Table

    Diffused Sweep, Small Shooting Table

    Kaiser "TopTable" Small Product Table - Compact product table for table top photography and reproduction. Transparent acrylic table top/background

    SKU: 205931
  • Kaiser "TopTable PRO" Acrylic-Glass Plate

    Kaiser "TopTable PRO" Acrylic-Glass Plate

    Kaiser "TopTable PRO" Acrylic Glass Plate A white transparent background acrylic-glass plate that is mounted on the Basic Support (205921) to form a c…

    SKU: 205924