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Kaiser 68mm Push-On Lens Cap

Kaiser 68mm Push-On Lens Cap

Catalog #: 206968

The Kaiser 68mm Plastic Lens Cap is a push-on style cap. It is designed to fit any camera or enlarger lens, binocular, tele-, micro-, or spotting scope lens. The actual size needed depends on the lens in question. The cap should fit snuggly but not so tight that it is hard to remove.

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Length0 in (ø 68 mm cm)
Dimensions0x0 in (0x0 cm)
Diameter0 in (0 cm)
Weight0.04 lb (0.02 kg)
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RTX Camera Arm

Catalog Number: 5512


  • Horizontally adjustable via parallel guides with fine drive
  • Mounting plate turns +/- 90�
  • Spirit level
  • Camera mounts on front/rear

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