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Kaiser Focusing Stage, 2-Way

Kaiser Focusing Stage, 2-Way

Catalog #: 205534

For exact camera positioning for close-up, macrophotography and copying. Two positioning scales are perpendicular to one another. Setting range each 95 mm (3.7 in.). Prismatic precision guideways with micro adjustment across helical gear rack-and-pinion assemblies complete with lock screws and dials calibrated in millimeters. Mounting plate with rubber pad. 1/4" camera mounting screw 1/4" connecting thread

Items Include:

* 1/4" camera mounting screw
* 1/4" connecting thread

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Length0 in (0 cm)
Dimensions0x0 in (0x0 cm)
Diameter0 in (0 cm)
Weight1.5 lb (0.68 kg)
Warranty Duration (Standard)2 Year
Bushing Thread Mount1/4" in

  • Two positioning scales
  • 95 mm setting range
  • Prismatic precision guideways
  • Mounting plate with rubber pad
  • Locking screws

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RTX Camera Arm

Catalog Number: 5512


  • Horizontally adjustable via parallel guides with fine drive
  • Mounting plate turns +/- 90�
  • Spirit level
  • Camera mounts on front/rear

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